Pickup & Delivery

Setup & Pack Up

Send your booth to the show or have us pick it up. We'll get your booth (and product) to the show safe and on time.

Let our team do the heavy lifting and assemble your booth.  We can even display your products. When the show is over we will pack it up. and get it back to you. Need storage we can help there too!

Brand Reps

Shipping & Storage

Our seasoned Brand Representatives will represent your company in a professional way.  We have Brand Reps, in every market who will augment your sales team and can bring attenion to your booth. 

Once the show is over we can ship your booth back to you, or store it for you until your next show.

We've got your back.

Before the Show

Whether we are picking your booth up locally, shipping it from another location or meeting it at the show, we make sure it arrives safe and on time. Once your booth and all materials are at the show, We will assemble it and display all product and sales material. When you arrive, your booth, product and sales material are all set up and ready for the show to start.

During the Show

Trade shows are all about making a great first impression. Our experienced and professional brand representatives will promote your company and help get the impact you want at your trade show. It's also a great way to save time and money having our local ambassadors attend the show rather than flying in your team.

After the Show

Once the show is over, We know your ready to kick up your feet and take a break! While you do that, our team will disassemble your booth, pack up all the left over product and sales material and prepare it for shipping. Feel free to go home with all the other show attendees while we take care of the heavy lifting.

In Between Shows

Storage and booth maintenance is often over looked. Between shows, we provide a way for you to safely store your booth without taking up valuable space in your office. When your ready for your next show, we handle the logistics of getting it to the next destination.

Booth Sherpa

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