We're exhibitor focused

Ever felt like your needs as an exhibitor are left out while organizing your trade show booth?

Too many different vendors and contractors to deal with - just to get your booth to the show?

When you place an order with Booth Sherpa, you will be 100% in control, without the logistical headaches.

With a few clicks, you will have the quotes from your choice of contractors and vendors – ready to carry your booth from A to Z.

You can even process all of your vendor payments via a secure transaction all on one platform with a click!

50 years of combined experience

Booth Sherpa’s management team and its advisory board members possess more than 50 years of combined experience in the trade show industry. We have seen and experienced it all - from dealing with general contractors, to recruiting performers to bring attention to the booth. You can rest assured knowing that your booth management is in good hands.

Booth Sherpa

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